Mar 21 2014

Americord Increases its Quality Guarantee to $90,000

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Americord’s Guarantee Remains The Highest In The Industry

New York – March 21, 2014 – Today, less than two years after Americord implemented the highest ever quality guarantee in the cord blood banking industry at $80,000, the company has announced that it is increasing its guarantee to $90,000.Like other leading cord blood banks, Americord offers a quality guarantee to provide financial assistance to clients in the event that the stem cells they have banked are needed, but, upon medical use, fail to “engraft”. The guarantee can be used to defray the cost of the procurement of an alternative source of stem cells if medically indicated.

Commenting on Americord’s increased quality guarantee, which remains the highest in the industry, Americord CEO Martin Smithmyer said, “We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality stem cell collection and storage services at the lowest cost, and Americord’s $90,000 guarantee is an important part of the value we offer clients.”

Two of the highest profile cord blood banks, ViaCord and CBR, offer significantly lower quality guarantees ($25,000 and $50,000 respectively), even though the fees they charge for banking cord blood stem cells are significantly higher than what Americord charges.

Americord offers cord blood banking for approximately 50% less than its competitors, and Americord’s price includes the cost of a medical courier as well as 20 years of storage in their state-of-the-art CLIA Certified, AABB compliant laboratory. The company adheres to the most rigorous professional standards in the collection and storage of stem cells.

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