May 21 2013

Americord Introduces New Logo and Tagline

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Branding Supports Company’s Commitment To Making Cord Blood Banking More Transparent And Easy To Understand

New York – May 21, 2013 – Americord Registry announced today the launch of its new logo and tagline. Both were designed to better convey the company’s commitment to making cord blood banking easy to understand and even easier to do.The logomark design is a circle with six color bars, each of which has a white dot in it. It was inspired by a diagram of a cell and a display of a genetic map. The new tagline, “Cord Blood. Simplified.”, supports Americord’s effort to make the cord blood banking industry transparent for parents-to-be. The company focuses on providing the simplest explanations of how cord blood banking works and how it might benefit families.

Along with the new logo and tag line, Americord released an engaging video that describes the benefits of cord blood banking and Americord’s commitment to making cord blood banking simple. Cord blood banks have traditionally taken a more aggressive approach to selling cord blood banking services with expensive marketing campaigns. Many cord blood banks also pay doctors to represent their products, which drives up the cost of cord blood banking. By keeping marketing expenses down, Americord is able to provide the highest quality cord blood banking and customer service at dramatically lower cost than other leading cord blood banks.

Americord also makes cord blood banking simple with its all-inclusive price of $2,999, which includes registration, Americord’s state-of-the art cord blood collection kit, a medical courier and 20 years of storage. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. Plus, Americord offers a no-risk return policy. If parents decide not to bank their baby’s cord blood, they can return their collection kit at no cost to them.

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