Apr 7 2014

Americord Launches Corporate Giving Program

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Funds Will Support The Advancement Of Cutting Edge Stem Cell Research Worldwide

New York – April 7, 2014 – Americord announced today the launch of its corporate giving program, which will support research focused on the therapeutic uses of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue. In addition to ongoing and future clinical trials focused on a broad array of diseases, conditions, and injuries, Americord’s corporate giving program may also fund research related to stem cell technologies with broad applications in the field.

“Americord is committed to supporting doctors and scientists worldwide who are at the cutting edge of research into even more and better stem cell-based medical therapies than already exist today,” said Americord CEO Martin Smithmyer. “Stem cells are opening up a new frontier in the treatment and cure of the most complex diseases, conditions, and injuries, and we want to do our part to help the men and women who are leading the charge into the future of healthcare.”

Americord decided to launch its corporate giving program to further its commitment to being a leader in the cord blood banking industry. It is one of just a handful of cord blood banks that have an established program to support stem cell research. Americord has already invested significant resources in the development of CordAdvantage, a proprietary product due to be released later this year that will harvest stem cells from cord blood from the placenta as well as the umbilical cord.

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