Aug 19 2013

Americord Maintains Highest Quality Guarantee

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

We stand behind the Americord $90,000 Quality Guarantee; it has now been over a year since it was implemented and it is still the highest guarantee in the industry. While offering cord blood banking at a highly competitive price ($1999 including 20 years of storage) we’ve kept ahead of the industry in terms of customer service and quality. We want more parents to be able to afford cord blood banking and we want parents to understand that they are in good hands if they choose to bank with us. Our Quality Guarantee provides parents with the peace of mind that should their cells be needed for use in treatment, and the cells fail to engraft, we will help to defray the cost of procuring an alternative source of stem cells. Read about our quality guarantee here. We are committed to improving our service and our industry, find out more of our recent activity in the press section of our website. Americord’s industry-leading $90,000 quality guarantee is one of many steps we take to offer parents-to-be greater peace of mind and lower financial stress as they prepare for the birth of their child.

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