Mar 20 2013

Americord – Most Affordable Cord Blood Comparison with CBR & ViaCord

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Americord is a quality service cord blood bank. We are competitively priced towards our major competitors CBR and Viacord. A huge influx of referrals from our existing clients have in turn made us one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Some of the things that contribute to the ongoing success of our company, and things you should be aware of when comparing us to our competitors, are:

  1. Storage Fees: We do not charge storage fees for the first 20 years of storage.
  2. Referral Discounts: We offer a $50 discount to anyone referred to us by an existing client, and a $50 reimbursement to anyone who refers new business to us.
  3. Best Guarantee: We offer the highest industry guarantee of $90,000.
  4. Best Practices: We follow all industry best practices and have all the applicable state and federal licenses.
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