Oct 21 2013

How Does an Americord Payment Plan Work?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

One of the amazing benefits we offer our customers is the opportunity to finance their purchase without interest and without a credit check. The Americord payment plan offers 24 month payment plans on all of our products that help spread the cost of stem cell banking over a year so that you can pay for the cost of cord blood banking more easily. If you choose to do a 24 month payment plan there is a small service fee we apply to each monthly payment to help us cover the risk associated with financing the cord blood ourselves. You will pay just $139/month for 24 months. The payment plan starts when your baby is born and will charge automatically around the same day of each month until 24 payments have been received. As with all of our services, the first 20 years of storage are included and your cord blood will be picked up bedside at the hospital by a courier for no additional fee. If you decide to pay off your remaining balance early, you will not be charged the service fees for the remaining balance. Most importantly, you are welcome to change your payment type any time before the birth of the baby – if you sign up with a onetime payment, you can change to a payment plan at any time until you give birth. The total cost to you if you do use a payment plan to pay for cord blood will be $3,336.

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