Jun 26 2015

Americord Registry Partners with Smart Cells International for Cord Blood Awareness Month

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In Honor of Cord Blood Awareness Month, Americord and Smart Cells International Are Spreading Word About Cord Blood Banking Worldwide

New York – June 26, 2015 – Today, Americord Registry announced a new partnership with Smart Cells International, the first cord blood company in the United Kingdom, as part of its initiatives during Cord Blood Awareness Month (July) to educate parents around the globe on the benefits of cord blood banking.Conducting their respective operations in different regions of the world, Americord and Smart Cells represent two pillars of a global industry that is growing each year. “We are excited about our partnership with Smart Cells International” said Martin Smithmyer, CEO of Americord. “Our aligned mission to provide parents with both the information they need and the highest quality stem cell banking service means that we can further a culture of transparent, trustworthy cord blood banking for all families.”Smart Cells International occupies a significant portion of the global distribution of cord blood banking equipment and storage, including Asia and the Middle East. Invested in the development of new technologies and innovation, Smart Cells believes in the potential of stem cell storage for all families and incorporates the latest scientific breaches in their products and prioritizes customer service and affordability above all.“We have released more samples for transplants in the last 2 years than we did in the first ten signifying something very important; that stem cell technology is one of the most exciting areas of science in our time,” said Smart Cells International CEO Shamshad Ahmed. “This evolving area of medical science is making big steps in a positive direction. Smart Cells are delighted to join hands with Americord and provide customers with this invaluable opportunity to raise awareness and choose simple health protection for families all over the world.”

Similarly, Americord® is a leader in the advancement of stem cell banking in the United States and is the only cord blood bank collecting stem cells from cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue. And with Cord Blood 2.0™, Americord’s® stem cell collections are double the collection size of other banks, which makes it possible to treat an adult.
Cord Blood Awareness Month serves to educate expecting parents on the advantages of cord blood and tissue banking. Throughout July, Americord and Smart Cells will reach out to expecting parents around the world to raise awareness and educate them on the benefits of cord blood banking. “Smart Cells is an ideal organization to work with, as we share a common goal,” said Smithmyer. “We want to provide the highest quality stem cell banking with personalized customer service and make that accessible to all families.”


About Smart Cells International

 Smart Cells International is the UK’s first private cord blood and tissue stem cell storage bank, founded in 2001. We are the first private company in the UK to have released stored units of stem cells to clients who have needed them in transplants. These stem cells have been sent to transplant centres all over the world to treat children with conditions such as thalassemia, cerebral palsy and acute myeloid leukaemia amongst other indications. Smart Cells have released 3 stem cell units for transplant already this year. With years of experience and great working relationships with both NHS and private hospitals we are looking to further develop this service within NHS trusts nationally. We are licensed and regulated by the by the HTA and have a strong management team from the healthcare sector committed to ensuring consent, safety and quality assurance .

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