Oct 4 2013

Can I add more than 20 years to my storage plan?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Many private cord blood banks let clients pay for storage upfront, either for a set number of years.  These year increments can be 10, 15, or even 25 years. However, many cord blood banks are also offering a lifetime storage for an extra fee.  Of course, it is best to be prepared and not have to worry about cord blood banking in years to come but, this is not the best approach to take when storing cord blood. You can see the different storage plans for specific cord blood banks and how much they cost on the Americord Pricing Calculator.

As you may already know Americord stores cord blood for 20 years for just $2999, which is included in the fee. Many people keep asking , “What happens to my baby’s cord blood after 20 years?”

The Americord Storage Plan

It is simple; with our storage plan, you can purchase packages of storage in 20 year increments for $2,999. So in theory, you can pay for 40, 60, or 80 years of storage. We do not recommend storing your cord blood for more than 20 years, right now.  The cost of cord blood banking is going down. As the technology begins to advance, the cost of cord blood is decreasing. Because of this,  we anticipate that 20 years from now it will actually be cheaper to store cord blood than it is today.

Americord is the lowest cost provider of cord blood banking; we have maintained this price by operating more efficiently and focusing our marketing efforts on marketing to expectant parents rather than to doctors and hospitals. We don’t keep inventory at hospitals and doctor’s offices around the country and we don’t pay doctors for referring us to their patients.

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