Apr 7 2014

Americord’s New Corporate Giving Program

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

At Americord we are always telling our clients and potential clients that preserving stem cells has the potential to open up the door to future medical advances. Well, today, we are launching our corporate giving program, which will help fund the clinical trials that are advancing the latest stem cell technologies!

Over the past couple of years, we have been putting a lot of resources into the development of a proprietary new product, called CordAdvantage, that we expect to release later this year, but now, with the Americord corporate giving program, we will be putting resources into cutting edge research being done by scientists around the world.

Some of the grants we make will go to clinical trials focused on the treatment of specific diseases with stem cells. Others will go to research into stem cell technology  … advances that could help in the use of stem cells for medical therapies regardless of the disease being treated.

Read more about our big announcement here.

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