Dec 14 2012

Americord’s No-Fee Cancellation Policy

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Cord blood banking is a significant investment, so many people do a fair amount of research online and may also ask for advice from doctors or friends before they decide whether or not to bank their baby’s cord blood and which cord blood bank to use. At the same time, since about half of all babies arrive before their due date, it is important to make a decision as soon as possible.

Most cord blood banks charge a fee if their clients decide to cancel. This puts pressure on parents-to-be, and sometimes results in them waiting until the last minute to make this important decision.

Does Americord Charge a Cancellation Fee?

Americord’s no-fee cancellation policy was developed to help ease any stress parents-to-be might have about deciding to bank their baby’s cord blood. As soon as you enroll with Americord, we send you the Collection Kit you will need to take to the hospital. Americord’s Collection Kit contains everything your medical professionals will need to collect your baby’s cord blood and cord and placenta tissue.

If at any time after you enroll, you decide not to bank your baby’s cord blood, you can cancel your enrollment with Americord without incurring any fee. Our only requirement is that you return the unopened Americord Collection Kit to us.

Since Americord doesn’t charge anything when you enroll (we only charge your credit card after the cord blood collection has been made), and since Americord doesn’t charge any cancellation fee if you decide to cancel, you have every reason to enroll with us well before your due date. (We recommend that you enroll at least 90 days prior to your baby’s due date.)

How Can I Enroll With Americord?

With Americord’s no-fee cancellation policy there’s no reason to scramble to arrange cord blood banking in those last few weeks or days before your due date and pay extra to have a Collection Kit rush-delivered to you.

Call us today at 866-503-6005 or visit our Enroll page if you are ready for risk-free enrollment!

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