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Cord Blood 2.0™

Cord Blood 2.0 is the most groundbreaking advancement in cord blood banking. For the first time, you can preserve up to twice the number of stem cells, opening up the possibility of treating your child into adolescence and even adulthood…

More Stem Cells = More Opportunities
Until now, a significant limitation of cord blood banking has been that the number of stem cells that are preserved in a typical cord blood collection are only sufficient to treat someone up to about 65 pounds. Umbilical cord blood is an easily accessible source of stem cells that is available only at birth. More stem cells means more treatment possibilities.

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Cord Tissue

Unlike cord blood stem cells, cord tissue stem cells are found in the tissue of the umbilical cord. These stem cells have the potential to develop into many types of cells and tissues, including organ and muscle tissue, skin, bone, cartilage, and fat cells.

The Difference is in the Tissue
Banking your baby’s cord tissue and cord blood means saving both types of stem cells (MSCs and HSCs) that are a genetic match to your baby. Both types of stem cells are valuable resources and are only available at the time of birth.

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Placenta Tissue

Like cord tissue, placenta tissue contains MSCs that have huge potential for future treatments. Placenta tissue is unique from cord tissue because it contains mom’s stem cells too!

Banking on Mom
Saving placenta tissue means banking on mom’s future because stem cells in the placenta are a genetic match to her.

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