Pregnancy Exercises

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The coronation of completing your figurative Tour de France, also known as pregnancy, is the arrival of baby. This can be a lengthy process but it doesn’t have to be. Labor can actually be sped up and made easier through a stable exercise regimen throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is an exercise which doesn’t put too much stress on the body. It is especially beneficial when you are pregnant. Yoga improves your flexibility and tones your muscles. It can also improve your balance and blood circulation. This is very important because it can become difficult to walk or stand up straight when you’re carrying that extra weight. And the better blood circulation will allow more nutrients to reach baby. Yoga is very relaxing and will ameliorate your breathing.


Pilates is a series of nonimpact movements to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness. They can be a little strenuous, so it is important that you ask your doctor for permission before you start. Pilates strengthens your torso which will help you cope with the strain of the growing baby’s weight. This exercise fortifies the pelvic floor which will help to support the uterus as baby develops. Pilates will help you stay focused and relaxed during delivery.


Swimming while pregnant may come as a surprise to most, but it is actually effortless and safe to do. Water actually helps to support the majority of your weight making it easier to do physical activity. Swimming promotes enhanced blood flow and good sleep, a good thing when you’re experiencing a ton of sleepless nights. A couple laps in the water can boost endurance. Endurance allows you to complete tasks more manageable. Endurance will also come in handy when you are in labor because you will be able to get through it with less exhaustion. Aside from the attributes that swimming assists, there are also physical benefits. This exercise eases aches and pain as well as reducing swelling and fluid retention. Go ahead and take a dip. The water’s fine!

Power Walking

This workout keeps your heart strong and muscles toned. It’s suggested to walk at least 150 minutes a week, so you can do 30-minute walks every weekday. Power walk to the park. Power walk to the supermarket. Hell, you can powerwalk to the bathroom, since this reduces constipation. Power walking can even help you have a shorter, easier labor. Once you start power walking you’ll realize how easy and fun it can get. Power walking is an exercise that you can do even while in labor. It helps to speed up dilations and the overall labor experience.


Kegels is an exercise which involves repeated contractions of the pelvic muscle to strengthen the uterus, bladder, bowels, and other vaginal muscles. Many women love this exercise because you can do it without anyone even knowing. The pelvic muscles targeted are used to push during delivery so strengthening them will make labor easier. Kegels also improves blood circulation to you and baby.

Now you’ll be ready to tackle giving birth. Birth is a beautiful thing, but you’ll want it to be over before it starts when you’re perspiring and yelling. Exercise is a perfect way to shorten how long you are in labor for.

What’s your favorite exercise? Mine is “running” late!

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