Apr 29 2013

Can Cord Blood Cure Aids?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

It seems that every week new research is being conducted into uses for cord blood and cord tissue. Most recently a cord blood transplant is being used at the University of Minnesota in an attempt to cure a young boy with Aids AND Leukemia. See our press release about cord blood research; we discuss the stunning increase in number of diseases treated with cord blood in just five years, and how that increase correlates directly with the number of clinical trials researching cord blood uses. In 2008 there were 78 ongoing clinical trials and only 39 diseases had been treated with cord blood, by the end of 2012 the number of clinical trials grew to 191 and the number of diseases treated using cord blood is now 81. This means that there was a 144% increase in clinical trials for cord blood and a 145% increase in the number of diseases treated in the same time period. You can find information about ongoing clinical trials and up-to-date information on cord blood research on the government run website clinicaltrials.gov. See what diseases have been treated with cord blood on our website.

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