Jun 6 2014

You Can Get More Cord Blood Stem Cells With Americord

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At Americord one of the ways we measure how well we are doing for our clients is by measuring how many cord blood stem cells we collect and preserve. An in-depth analysis just completed on our collections through March 31, 2014 revealed that Americord collects 60% more CD34+ stem cells, 54% higher volume, and 34% higher total nucleated cells (TNCs) than the industry median for other cord blood banks.

Why are CD34+ stem cells important?

CD34+  is a glycosylated transmembrane protein. It is the most commonly used marker for “hematopoietic stem/ progenitor cells” in clinical hematology. They are found in the umbilical cord blood or bone marrow.

CD34 is a cluster of differentiation is a cell surface glycoprotein and functions as a cell-cell adhesion factor. It may also mediate the attachment of stem cells to bone marrow extracellular matrix or directly to stromal cells (2).

How does Americord achieve those amazing stem cell collection numbers?

We use the highest quality collection bags, we always use an expedited medical courier service, and processing of the stem cells is done in our CLIA Certified, AABB accredited laboratory.

With the launch of Cord Blood 2.0, Americord has been able to help our clients collect up to twice the number of stem cells from umbilical cord blood by harvesting cells from both the umbilical cord blood and placenta.

Collecting and preserving as many stem cells as possible is the most important thing we can do because one of the current limitations of stem cell therapy is that the volume of stem cells in a typical cord blood collection is insufficient to effectively treat an adult patient (or anyone over approximately 65 pounds on average). Cord Blood 2.0 can help treat a patient up to 165 pounds.

Bottom line: more stem cells means greater opportunities for stem cell therapy in the future should your baby or family ever need it.

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