Oct 1 2012

Choose the Best Cord Blood Bank to Keep Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

If you are pregnant, there is no doubt that you want all of the facts on the cord blood bank that you plan to use. At Americord, we know that we are the best cord blood bank for several reasons.

  • We charge less than $3,000 for 20 years of storage, a medical courier, FDA approved C-section collection bag
  • We offer an option to store cord tissue as well as cord blood
  • Very soon we will offer CordAdvantage, a process that will save stem cells from the placenta as well as umbilical cord blood. This process may save many times more stem cells than cord blood banking alone.
  • We are a family bank, so your family will be able to access and use the stem cells that you saved if they are needed for medical reasons in the future

Our Cord Blood Bank Offers Important Advantages Over Others

We are so sure that we will provide superior quality in storing your baby’s cord blood in our cord blood bank that we provide an $90,000 guarantee. In addition, we are registered with the FDA and use an AABB accredited lab that has been storing cord blood safely since 1997. Our courier cost is included in the cost that you pay to store your baby’s blood. We keep our costs down to make baby cord blood banking a possibility for many families. In fact, we charge less than CBR and ViaCord, and we charge no annual fee for storing cord blood. Because we have zero debt and are a company that continues to grow and expand, saving cord blood with us is secure. At Americord, we care about moving forward in research and development, so we will soon introduce CordAdvantage, an even more secure way to ensure that your family has the stem cells that you may need in the future.

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