Jul 3 2013

Communicating With Your Newborn

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Communicating with your newborn baby is never easy. The adorable sounds babies make are their effort to communicate with you. Crying will be a staple throughout the entire process; it is their way of getting your attention. At first, they are only able to differentiate their mother’s voice, followed by facial expressions such as smiling and frowning. According to webmd.com In about five months time, babies will begin to “baba” and “dada” all day, and at eight-months their days will be filled with grunting and wining. In time, your baby will be mouthing their first word! By 18 months, your child will be saying around 10 words while understanding many more.

One day soon you’ll even be able to tell your child about their umbilical cord blood stem cells stored at the Americord laboratory. A lot of people ask us what happens with their baby’s cord blood after their children grow up and become legal adults at 18 years of age. Well, first you should be happy to know that we continue storing for an additional 2 years until the 20th birthday at which time your child can choose to continue storing cord blood for $1999 for an additional 20 years. Second, it is important for you to have a conversation with your child to notify them that their cord blood has been stored with Americord, in fact it is required by our contract that you disclose this information to them. At 18 years of age the cord blood becomes legally your child’s and your child will have the full discretion of when and how to use it.

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