Jan 29 2016

Here are 3 reasons you should compare cord blood banks

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Looking into cord blood banking? Most parents compare cord blood banks at some point during their research. You’re not alone. Each day, thousands more choose to enroll for a healthier and more secure future for themselves and their families. But which cord blood bank is right for you? Americord offers three key advantages over the competition that make it stand out above the rest.

  1. Affordability

Americord offers banking for 50 percent less compared to ViaCord and CBR. Prices include 20 years of free cord blood storage as well as medical courier fees, offering superior value compared to the competition.

  1. A Commitment to New Development and Research

Americord is strongly dedicated to cord blood research and development. We’ve been at the forefront of placenta stem cell research and have worked closely with premier institutions to develop the latest technologies and cord blood research procedures. Compared to other cord blood banks, Americord has its own Cord Blood 2.0 technology that preserves twice as many stem cells. When you compare cord blood banks you will find that Cord Blood 2.0 is only available through Americord. As there isn’t much research into the life of stored stem cells yet (only about 20 years of existence), we make sure to remain ahead of developments.

  1. Quality You Can Trust

Americord is registered with the FDA and uses an AABB accredited laboratory. Unlike other banks, we use only FDA-approved cord blood bags and back our commitment with a $90,000 guarantee. When you compare cord blood banks you will see that Americord is the only bank to offer no cancellation fee or yearly storage fee.

When it comes to affordable cord blood banking, commitment to new research and development and quality with a record of success, Americord is the cord blood bank you can trust. Looking to enroll? Just call 866-503-6005 or contact [email protected] to learn how to register!

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