Apr 14 2014

Cord Blood Banking Bill of Rights

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

At Americord, we believe that when you bank stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue, you open up the door to many current medical treatments as well as treatments that will be available in the future. We believe that anyone who makes the decision to bank their baby’s umbilical cord blood deserves to be treated in an equitable manner by the companies offering this service.

While we can’t impose our principles on others, we can state clearly what we stand for. View the Americord Cord Blood Banking Bill of Rights here.

In summary, we feel strongly that cord blood banks should be user-friendly, transparent, and honest about the products they are selling. It is in both the interest of our industry and the people who support it for all companies to provide their clients with not just a superior level of service, but also a clear and open dialogue about the capabilities and limitations of umbilical cord blood.

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