Jul 30 2014

Cord Blood Banking Cost Can Vary Greatly

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Cord blood banking cost can be far more expensive with other companies than it is with Americord. Compare cord blood banking costs on the Americord Pricing Calculator.

What are the Cord Blood Banking Cost Differences Between Americord and Other Companies?

There are many differences that you can see when you do a cord blood bank comparison. Americord is registered with the FDA and our laboratories are CLIA Certified, accredited by the AABB and comply with all federal and state guidelines and applicable licenses. Not all of our competitors can say this about themselves. We also provide an FDA Approved C-Section Bag for collecting your baby’s cord blood, but not all other companies do this. We operate in all 50 states, so wherever you live in the United States, we can collect your baby’s cord blood. Other labs charge a cancellation fee if you change your mind about saving cord blood – we do not.

Other Facts About Cord Blood Banking Cost

There are also many other advantages to using our services at Americord, including the following:

  • We offer an $90,000 Quality Guarantee
  • The cost of the Medical Courier is included in Americord’s cord blood banking fee
  • We do not charge an annual fee for storage of stem cells from cord blood, but other cord blood banks usually charge about $125 each year
  • The total cost for cord blood banking with Americord includes 20 years of storage

You can actually end up paying double the amount that Americord charges when you save stem cells from your baby’s cord blood at other labs like ViaCord. The reason that we can hold our prices down is that we do not spend millions of dollars on advertising each year.

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