Sep 19 2012

Cord Tissue Banking Advantages For Baby

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

You may already know that saving your baby cord blood is an investment in your family’s future if the need should arise for stem cells. Your only chance to get these stem cells that are unique to your family and to your baby is immediately after the birth of your child, but what about the advantages of cord tissue banking?

Cord Tissue Banking Advantages, What Are They?

Did you know that cord tissue banking is a way to preserve even more kinds of stem cells? Besides containing cord blood, there are umbilical cord stem cells that are different from the ones in cord blood. These are called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs can develop into muscle cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, and fat cells.  They are making headlines in regenerative medicine, holding the promise for future treatments for many diseases. During the birth of a baby, the cord tissue is usually discarded, but if you save it at our cord blood storage lab, you will have two types of essential stem cells if your child or family member needs a stem cell transplant in the future. Saving both the cord tissue and cord blood ensures that your family is assured of having the stem cells that are needed if a medical emergency should arise.Currently there are 344 registered clinical trials treating medical issues such as, diabetes and spinal cord injuries.


Americord’s Cord Tissue Banking Cost is Affordable

We do not bill our clients until after the birth of your baby. You can rest assured that your baby’s cord tissue banking and blood cord banking are secure. Our company is growing at a fast rate, and we are debt free and a stable company. We are a company that is run by seasoned cord blood banking professionals who have over 20 years of experience in cord blood banking.

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