May 7 2012

Do you use FDA approved sterile exterior cord blood collection bags? Why are sterile exterior cord blood bags so important? What if I have a last minute C-Section?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

This is a little confusing, but very important you read and understand this before you enroll with another company.

Yes, Americord uses the only sterile exterior cord blood collection bag that has been approved by the FDA for ALL births, including C-sections, eliminating the need for sterile extension sets or additional parts, as well as questions about sterility (manufactured by Pall Corporation). This is important because our clients cannot be sure that they will not end up having an emergency Cesarean section delivery and it is critical to use a FDA approved sterile exterior cord blood collection bag if you are having a C-section.

Many cord blood banks use lower quality cord blood bags are not FDA approved for C-sections (note that they may in fact be FDA cleared for vaginal delivery, so be sure to clarify if they use the “Pall” bags) and could not be used in a C-section unless the doctor connects a sterile tube from the sterile surgical field to the unsterilized exterior of the cord blood bag located outside of the sterile field. But consider, how is the doctor to handle the unsterile bag and then return to the sterile surgery without risking contamination. Additionally, along with the tubing, there are several additional parts that need to be connected to prepare such a bag for a C-section, such as a tube clamp and a needle guard, both of which are also not sterilized. These lower quality cord blood collection bags are used by many cord blood companies because they are much less expensive than the cord blood bags that we use. However, they add unnecessary risk to the birth and are not favored by delivery personnel or obstetricians.

Americord has the best quality and follows all of the best practices for cord blood and cord tissue collection and storage, including the FDA, the AABB, state and federal guidelines and applicable licenses. We use the only commercially available FDA approved sterile exterior cord blood bag that is on the market and the fastest medical courier.

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