Dec 13 2013

When do you need to enroll for cord blood banking?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

It is important for you to enroll for cord blood banking with Americord around a month before your due date – or sooner if possible. We encourage parents to order their collection kit well in advance of their due date because most babies come early and it can be both challenging and expensive to get a kit to you in time if you decide to bank cord blood the same day you go into labor.

One of the ways we provide affordable cord blood banking to our clients is by not storing collection kits in hospitals and doctors’ offices around the country. Keeping inventory stocked nationwide is difficult to manage and very expensive to maintain. Furthermore, it is very easy for you to receive your kit directly from us and bring it with you when you give birth. By doing your own research and ordering directly from a cord blood bank you have the opportunity to compare all of the cord blood banks instead of going with the one that is handed to you by your OBGYN (for which your OBGYN will most likely compensated).

In exchange for asking our clients to sign up earlier we offer a Risk-Free Return policy whereby if you need to return your kit for any reason you can simply return it to us unopened within 30 days and you will not be charged a thing.

We offer expedited shipping to families who go into labor and don’t yet have their collection kit. If you do go into labor early, don’t worry! We will do our best to get a kit to you the same day you sign up; maybe just a few hours if you live in the north east or on the west coast. Clients in California and New York can receive a collection kit in as little as one hour*. In order to take advantage of our expedited shipping program simply give us a call and we will have a kit sent to you immediately. We will quote you a price to get the kit to you within a few hours and as soon as you decide to proceed we’ll have your kit on its way.

If you don’t need expedited shipping then the cost of shipping is included in your purchase and you will not be charged anything in addition to the $2999.


*One hour window in New York and California for urgent orders dependent on kit and courier availability, as well as delivery location.

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