Jul 30 2013

Exciting New Stem Cell Research

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Breaking news in the topic of Stem Cell research. Exciting things are being done with mesenchymal and hematopoetic stem cells – the same found in cord tissue and cord blood. Nature, The International Weekly Journal of Science, reported that In Japan researchers are using mesenchymal stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells, along with endothelial cells to create liver buds. These were implanted into mice and were able to perform some of the functions of a liver, like protein production and drug metabolism. ScienceDaily reported that researchers in Spain used umbilical cord blood stem cells to create a new biomaterial that helped to develop bone tissue. They are soon going to attempt to implant the tissue into animals in a laboratory to see if it can successfully regenerate bones. See our recent press release for more information!

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