Jul 30 2014

Facts That You Should Know About Umbilical Cord Blood

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Umbilical cord blood is a source of stem cells when a baby is born. This cord  blood, along with the cord tissue itself and the placenta, is typically discarded after the birth is complete. It is easy to save the stem cells that are found in umbilical cord blood at Americord. We will gladly send you an Americord Collection Kit that you can take to the hospital with you. You will then call the number on the kit after the cord blood has been collected. Our medical courier will pick up your baby’s cord blood and rush it to our lab. Some facts about cord blood that you will want to know are these:

  • Cord blood is found in the umbilical cord and in the placenta.
  • The stem cells in these are genetically unique to your baby and to your family.
  • The potential is there for these stem cells to be used for your child or your other children, as well as for other family members.
  • More than 80 diseases are now treated with stem cells from cord blood.

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking is a Smart Choice with Americord

You can be sure that when you decide to preserve your baby’s umbilical cord blood at Americord that you are using a reliable, professional and dependable company. To show that we are committed to providing top quality, we offer an $90,000 guarantee. In addition, we are registered with the FDA, and we use an AABB accredited laboratory that has been storing cord blood since 1997. Our company is led by a leading hematologist and FDA Pediatrics Advisory Committee member who is the prior Executive Medical Director at ViaCord. He also helped form the cordblood stem cell guidelines for NY State Department of Health. For these reasons, and more, you can be sure that you are preserving your child’s cord blood at a reputable company when you choose Americord.

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