Jan 25 2011

How do you transport the cord blood back to your laboratory?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Americord transports cord blood via a Medical Courier. With Single Step Shipping, once the cord blood is collected, the parents call Americord and the number is seamlessly routed to a dedicated medical courier which already has the client information. Standard contract price includes shipping for no extra charge.
The courier is available on weekends and holidays and maintains chain-of-custody throughout transport.

Americord has the best prices and follows all of the best practices for cord blood collection and storage, including the FDA, the AABB, state and federal guidelines and applicable licenses. We use the only commercially available FDA approved sterile exterior cord blood bag that is on the market, the fastest medical courier, and have the cheapest prices for cord blood and cord tissue. Call 866-503-6005 to find out more or check out our price comparison page.

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