Aug 2 2013

How is Umbilical Cord Tissue Processed?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Can you store Umbilical cord or Placenta tissue?

If you elect to store cord tissue or placenta tissue along with your baby’s cord blood you will use the same collection kit. Americord’s 3-in-1 kit can be used for all three collections. You can elect to store cord tissue and placenta tissue when enroll, or you also have the option to select tissue products on your Data Collection Sheet, located in the collection kit, and your account will be upgraded to include these products.Everything required for cord tissue and placenta tissue collection is located in your collection kit and is processed in the same laboratory.

How is umbilical cord tissue or placenta tissue processed?

Tissue products are sent to our laboratory in the same box along with the cord blood. Our process for storing cord tissue and placenta tissue is relatively simple. They are processed in a very similar manner; however for placenta tissue it is important that we dissect the usable tissue at our lab prior to decontamination. Once at the laboratory we use a proprietary cleaning method to prepare the tissue for processing, it is then processed to ensure that the Dimethyl Sulfoxide is able to penetrate all parts of the tissue. Once your cells are needed to be used in the future, the tissue will be thawed to undergo further processing to extract and expand the cells, all of which we can do at our lab. The cells are then stored at our state of the art facility in Indianapolis Indiana until you need them in the future.

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