Aug 16 2013

26 Questions to Help You Choose a Cord Blood Bank

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

When you choose which cord blood bank you will store your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells you should ask each company some important questions. Make sure and go over pricing, the enrollment process, the collection process, and the storage process. At the end of the day it is up to you and your healthcare provider to decide who you’ll bank with. Here are some questions we think you’ll find useful.

The Price of Cord Blood Banking

1. How much is Cord Blood Banking with Americord?

2. Are there annual storage fees?

3. When will I pay for cord blood banking?

4. Are there payment plans available?

5. Are there any additional fees for the courier, collection, or the kit?

6. Will I be reimbursed for any fees from my doctor related to the collection?

How to Enroll in Cord Blood Banking?

1. When will I receive my cord blood collection kit?

2. Will the kit contain all of the materials necessary to collect other products like cord tissue or placenta tissue if I decide to bank them at a later date?

3. Does your company charge a fee for enrolling?

4. What do cord tissue and placenta tissue offer that is not already available in cord blood?

5. What steps will I need to take after I enroll?

How is the Collection Process?

1. How do I get in touch with the medical courier?

2. What is the collection process for cord blood?

3. What is the collection process for cord tissue and placenta tissue?

4. How will I contact the medical courier for pickup of my cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue?

5. Will you provide instructions for my healthcare provider to perform the collection?

6. Is your cord blood collection bag heparin free?

How is Cord Blood Banking Stored?

1. How is cord blood stored at your laboratory?

2. How are cord tissue and placenta tissue stored at your laboratory?

3. Do you separate the cells in the umbilical cord blood prior to storage?

4. How long will you store my cells for?

5. Is there an annual fee associated with storing my cells at your laboratory?

6. What are your benchmarks for a good collection?

7. How would I recover my cells from your laboratory if they are ever needed for treatment?

8. What is your guarantee? What happens if my cells are needed and they are unable to be used?

9. What happens to my cells if your company were to go out of business?

Compare us to our competitors and find the answer to many of these questions on our cord blood bank comparison page, or call in and speak to a cord blood specialist today (866) 503-6005.

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