Sep 17 2012

Information to Help You with Cord Blood Banking Cost

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Many parents would like to save their baby’s cord blood, but they are concerned about the cost. At Americord, we keep prices affordable while providing reliable, professional storage for you. Your cord blood banking cost with us can cost you under $3,000 to store your baby’s cord blood for 20 years. Your cost with other cord blood banking companies can be almost $5,000 for the same service.


Cord Blood Banking Cost is a Good Investment

We know that our cord blood banking is a sensible investment. We are a family bank, so you can save your baby’s cord blood for your family to use. There are also public donor banks, but few families are able to donate their child’s cord to a public bank because of family health history or the mother’s exposure to viruses during pregnancy.


Why is The Cord Blood Banking Cost The Best At Americord?

Our lab is AABB Accredited, and we use the only FDA approved cord blood collection bag for c-sections. We collect cord blood in all 50 states and do not charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel. Another big advantage of using our blood cord storage is that we do not have an annual storage fee, whereas most of our competitors do.

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