Jul 22 2013

July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

The month of July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month, and we are doing our part by continuing to raise awareness of affordable cord blood banking options. See our recent press release online here for more on our activity in the cord blood community.

Cord Blood Banking: Americord’s Goal

We’ve been working for the last five years to make cord blood banking a simple and affordable process. We do this so anyone who wishes to bank their cord blood privately might be able to.

We are eager to educate parents on the benefits of banking cord blood, and how Americord can help them to do so in an affordable and responsible way. Our prices are nearly half compared to other leading cord blood banks, whose total cost of 20 years’ storage comes to $1999. Not only do our 20-year-storage prices win out over the competition, but so do our minimal to zero fees associated with cancellation, annual storage, and much more. For a full comparison to our competitors in costs and features, check out our compare cord blood bank page.

Brief Cord Blood History

Cord blood as a source of stem cells for transplant first surfaced in 1983, as proposed by Dr. Hal Broxmeyer and associates. Two years later, transplantable stem cells were discovered in human cord blood by the same team, opening the gates for more research and transplant options. In three short years, the first cord blood transplant occurred on a 5-year-old with Fanconi Anemia, a blood disorder.

Since the first discovery and transplant warranted much success, the first public cord blood bank opened in 1992 in New York using funding from the National Institutes of Health. From here, transplants from non-related donors occurred successfully, as well as many transplants to help various diseases including Leukemia. In 2008, the private cord blood bank, Americord launched, and the rest is more than history. We strive to become your trusted, private source for cord blood and tissue banking. That’s why we reflect on the importance of cord blood history this month of July and continue to grow in our knowledge and involvement of cord blood banking.

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