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You might know that thousands of parents store cord blood every year – but did you know your placenta has stem cells at the center of trials to treat cancers, organ diseases, injuries to joints, and more that are worth storing too? Banking these cells after birth gives you access to the future of stem cell medicine. If you’d like to learn more about how to store these cells, download our info guide!

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1 2 3 4 5 6 Baby is Born! Medical Courier Lab Process Doctor/Midwife Collects 5-Compartment Bag Storage Your baby is born with the umbilical cord attached, the cord will be clamped and cut so the baby can be cleaned and cared for. Once the collection kit is ready, our medical courier picks it up and expedites delivery to our lab. We store the cord blood stem cells in specially designed bags. Your doctor or midwife draws cord blood from the clamped cord into a special collection bag. We perform all necessary testing. Once completed, stem cells are separated from the whole blood. The cord blood stem cells will be preserved in a liquid nitrogen storage tank (-196° C) inside our secure lab facility.
How It Works

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