Dec 21 2013

Save on Cord Blood Banking Cost at Americord

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

It is possible to bank cord blood at a high quality lab like Americord and still save a substantial amount of money. Cord blood banking cost can vary greatly, costing twice as much at some labs with the same credentials. We offer a cord blood cost of only $2,999 for 20 years of storing the umbilical cord stem cells from your newborn baby.

Americord Facts

Here are some facts about us, at Americord:

  • You can choose to pay one installment of $2,999, or 12 payments at $139 per month
  • Our charge includes medical courier and 20 years of storage
  • We do not charge an annual storage fee – most other companies charge $125 per year
  • If your doctor charges to collect your baby’s stem cells, we will rebate up to $200 to our clients for collection fees not covered by insurance

These charges are for a single birth. We also have a plan for twins, and, if you are expecting a multiple birth, call us at 866-503-6005 for more information.

Cord Blood Banking Cost Can Fit Into Your Budget

We know that if we keep our prices down, more families will be able to take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to save their baby’s cord blood stem cells. Our cord blood banking cost can fit into most budgets. You may also want to let your friends and family know that you prefer a donation to your baby’s cord blood account at Americord, for baby shower and other gifts. For some families, this has made it possible for them to bank cord blood in case it is ever needed by their child for medical reasons in the future.

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