Jul 2 2012

The Best Guide To Cord Blood Banking

Posted by Randi Goldsmith

When it comes to making decisions for your baby, you want to make sure that you have all of the critical information at hand. And, while it can be a little bit daunting to research the best baby strollers or the best cribs, what can be even more overwhelming is researching health-related issues.

From breastfeeding to immunizations, pediatric healthcare takes you into territory that is often confusing, at least partly because of unfamiliar medical jargon. When it comes to cord blood banking we want to make it easy. Here are several guides and websites that are written by reliable sources, so you choose your best guide to cord blood banking.

Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation

This not-for-profit organization has an impressive Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board that oversees the information they provide about public versus family banking and the benefits of cord blood banking in general.

National Institute of Health

This federal agency’s website offers a downloadable primer on stem cell basics as well as information about bio-ethical issues and U.S. policy on stem cell research.

Americord Registry

Americord Registry offers a cord blood banking guide , a plain language reference guide written by Executive Medical Director Dr. Robert Dracker to help parents-to-be understand the science behind cord blood banking.

Baby Center

Baby Center’s website offers a guide to choosing a cord blood bank, including questions you should ask and average prices of cord blood banking.

Researching the value and benefits of cord blood banking may top the list in terms of medical and scientific jargon. The age of the Internet makes research both easier and sometimes more overwhelming. As you go about your research, looking for the best guide to cord blood banking, bear in mind that there may not be a single source that answers all of your questions. Instead, if you approach your research piece by piece (for example: How are stem cells used in medical treatments? What are average costs for cord blood banking? What accreditations should a cord blood bank have?), you will find plenty of information from reliable sources online.  There may not be a single best guide to cord blood banking, but hopefully this will get you started.

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