Apr 18 2013

The Maternal Blood Draw

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

When you bank your baby’s cord blood, the mother will be required to provide a blood sample.  This blood sampling process is called the maternal blood draw.

Maternal Blood Draw Basics

For the process, our lab will use this sample to do an infectious disease screening, which is kept on file with your baby’s cord blood. Getting this on file is an FDA requirement so if you ever need your baby’s cord blood, the attending medical professional will get a copy of this report.

Challenges with Sampling

Sometimes, getting a sample of the mother’s blood becomes more challenging than anyone expects. Timing is important to a successful blood draw, but can be worked with depending on the situation. The blood sample must be drawn prior to receiving two liters of IV fluid and when the IV fluids have crystalloids, colloids or other blood products. For reference, most mothers receive IV fluids with crystalloids during labor.  Because of the stressful situation, sometimes they forget to ask their nurse or doctor to do the blood draw prior to receiving IV fluids.

If this happens to you, do not panic. This forgetfulness is something that happens all of the time and is easily resolved. If you receive two liters of fluid before the blood draw you can simply wait one hour after completing the IV fluids. Next, you’ll ask a medical professional to do the blood draw before the courier arrives to pick-up your baby’s cord blood and bring it to the Americord lab.

In the case that it is not possible to draw your blood an hour after receiving fluids or if something else happens, there’s no need to worry. We’ll simply send you a new maternal blood draw kit which you can use when you see your doctor for a follow-up visit.  The kit has everything you need, including a return FedEx label with our lab’s address and our FedEx account number. This means we pay the shipping charge on your behalf. So, if this happens to you, don’t worry. You’ve got a new baby to enjoy, let us handle the rest.

For more information on maternal blood drawing and cord blood processes, contact our team by filling out our form below or check out our cord blood information.

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