Nov 16 2011

THE WINNER: Cord Banking w/ Americord + an iPad2!

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Did you attend the 2011 New Parent’s Expo in NY? check
Did you visit our the Americord cord blood booth? check
Did you wear an Americord sticker? check
Did you enter to win the free iPad2 and no cost cord blood banking? check

Well, we finally have a winner… is this you?

First Name: Kate
Last 4 Digits of Phone Number: -5815
email address: includes the letters “bor”

If this is you, contact us to claim your goods.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, since we have a special offer of $2,999 which includes 20 years of storage, you still win. And so what if Cord Blood Registry or ViaCord gave you a coupon or discount off the cost of cord blood banking? We are still the most reliable and technologically advance company around. Take a look at our cord blood company comparison to see how we stack up.

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