Oct 29 2014

Top 16 New Father Searches

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Are you curious as to what new fathers are looking at on the internet? We’ve listed the Top 16 New Father searches on the internet, so you can have a look for yourself!

“pregnancy book what to expect when you’re expecting sex”

“hospital pub hours of operation”

“instructions Graco stroller”

“instructions raise a child”

“best TV shows on at 4 a.m.”

“child still alive at age 1 anniversary present”

“sleep cure sorcery”

“pregnancy compliments non-breast related”

“upholstery stain removal poop vomit pee grape juice”

“Mother’s Day how not to disappoint”

“how much crying is too much crying dad not baby”

“umbilical cord calamari similarity”

“crib lid”

“stroller cupholder that fits 24-oz can”

“Father’s Day how to handle disappointment”

“trapped in Baby Bjorn”


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source: compliments of parenting.com

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