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Why should you bank cord blood?

STEM CELLS are found in cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue. These cells are highly valuable to your baby, the mother, and possibly other family members. When you save these stem cells with Americord®, you ensure that they are securely stored for you and your family’s future needs.

Here is what to expect after you enroll with Americord

  1. Signup:Signup to receive your kit! It’s free and easy. We don’t charge you until our lab has received your collection and successfully stored your baby’s stem cells.
  2. Receive Kit:You’ll receive your kit in a matter of days. If your due date is within 4 weeks, we’ll overnight it to you at no additional charge.
  3. To-Go Bag:Put your collection kit in your to-go bag and bring it with you to the hospital when you deliver.
  4. Birth:Immediately following the birth of your baby, your physician or midwife will perform the cord blood, cord tissue, and/or placenta tissue collection, put the contents in the kit, and return the kit to you.
  5. Paperwork:Fill out the paperwork inside the kit and call our medical courier for bedside pickup. There is no need to refrigerate or freeze your collection. Your baby’s stem cells are viable for up to 72 hours.
  6. Courier:The medical courier will arrive at your hospital, pick up your kit, and rush it to our lab.
  7. Processing:Your baby’s stem cells will be processed and stored at our lab and you will receive a Certificate of Storage confirming your baby’s collection size and viability.
  8. RetrievingIf you should ever need your stem cells, call us at 866-503-6005 and we will release them to your doctor or medical provider at no charge. We will also cover up to $500 in shipping costs to your hospital or treatment center.

Do you have questions? We are here to help. Call us at 866.503.6005
Or get access to our info kit.

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