Oct 25 2011

What happens if there isn’t enough cord blood collected or if there is a problem with the collection?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

If for any reason, there is a problem with the collection (for example, the doctor wasn’t able to collect a large enough volume or number of cells), we will notify the client and give them the option of keeping or discarding the sample or discarding. If the clients opt to discard the sample, the client will not be charged. Thus, we take the risk of a poor collection out of the process. This is perhaps unfair for Americord since it is the doctor doing the collection, but it is in the best interests of our client. To the best of our knowledge, no other cord blood bank company offers this.

Americord has the best prices and follows all of the best practices for cord blood collection and storage, including the FDA, the AABB, state and federal guidelines and applicable licenses. We use the only commercially available FDA approved sterile exterior cord blood bag that is on the market, the fastest medical courier, and the cheapest prices. Check out our price comparison chart.

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