May 27 2012

What would happen if Americord were to go out of business?

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

First, it is worth mentioning that Americord is growing much faster than any other cord blood bank as far as we are aware of (more than 20% revenue growth during per month), has no debt, is managed by seasoned cord blood banking professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and collaborates with industry leading corporations like Pall Corp, who manufacturers the only FDA approved sterile exterior cord blood bags.

Although we are a very stable company, prudent planning, professional standards and best practices require that we consider all contingencies, particularly in light of our current economic uncertainty, and the duration of the storage period. Therefore, Americord has an agreement in place so that, in the event that anything were to happen to Americord (acquisition, merger, chapter 11, restructuring, etc) the third party would assume the obligations and the responsibilities owed to its clients. Were this ever to happen, it would be completely seamless to the client. It should also provide some comfort that because of the existing ongoing revenue generated by those stored cord blood units, and because of the future cash flow generated by the cord blood, there would be no business rationale for any company to “turn off the storage tanks” since they ultimately do not cost all that much to maintain. Finally, if you ever felt uncomfortable about your decision to store with us for any reason, the client could always transfer the cord blood stem cells to another company.

Americord has the best prices and follows all of the best practices for cord blood and cord tissue collection and storage, including the FDA, the AABB, state and federal guidelines and applicable licenses. We use the only commercially available FDA approved sterile exterior cord blood bag that is on the market and the fastest medical courier

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