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Americord's Commitment to Regenerative Medicine

Americord is committed to the improvements in lives that regenerative medicine is bringing to the world. With a history of innovation in the banking of cord blood and perinatal tissues, Americord is continuing to research new ways to improve lives.

Our medical director, Dr. Robert Dracker, is a pioneer of cord blood stem cell transplants. He holds many patents advancing collection and use of cord blood and perinatal tissues, and is dedicated to improving patient health through innovation.

Americord Research Initiatives

Together with easier cord blood collections, Americord is investigating new techniques to collect more stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta.

Americord has been a leader in the collection and storage of placental tissue. We are continuing to improve the collection and use of this exciting source of stem cells for both mother and baby, using a patented placenta holder which protects the placenta during shipping to our lab. This means your placenta will be at optimal health when we process and preserve this unique tissue.

Americord is proud to be a member of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI), whose mission is to make tissue engineering a reality. Tissue engineering promises to grow new tissues – including bones, ligaments, and cartilage – for the treatment of injuries from stem cells, such as those preserved by Americord from the umbilical cord and placental tissue.

To further the use of mesenchymal stem cells found in umbilical cord tissue, Americord is partnering with biotechnology companies to investigate new therapies. By applying for research grants and funding R&D on new therapies, Americord hopes to expand the promise of mesenchymal stem cells and what they mean for families.

While banking cord blood for your child ensures a complete HLA match, graft versus host disease (GvHD) is a serious issue for people receiving stem cell transplants from unrelated donors. We want to facilitate stem cell transplants for the world, including people who have not banked their stem cells with us, or at all. We are researching new ways to use cord blood that would greatly reduce or even eliminate GvHD.

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