Dec 6 2012

Why The Americord Collection Kit Is Better

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

Many cord blood banks send you a kit that can only be used for one service. If you enroll for cord blood banking you get one kind of kit. If you enroll for cord blood and cord tissue banking, you get another kind of kit. This sounds like a good thing, but it actually doesn’t address some of the most important needs of parents-to-be and their medical practitioners.

Why is Americord’s Collection Kit better?

Americord’s 3-in-1 Collection Kit is better because it has been designed and equipped to give parents-to-be and their medical professionals the best care and maximum flexibility. Maybe you enrolled just to collect stem cells from cord blood but decide at the very last minute that you want to also collect stem cells from cord and placenta tissue. Maybe you are planning a vaginal delivery, but instead it turns out that you have a C-section delivery. These are just a couple of the things Americord’s Executive Medical Director and business staff have thought through in the development of our 3-in-1 Collection Kit so that our clients can rest easy after they enroll with Americord.

What’s In The Box?

The Americord Collection Kit contains all of the equipment your medical practitioner will need to collect stem cells as soon as you give birth, and the materials necessary to ensure expedited delivery of stem cells to our laboratory, including:

  • The only sterile exterior cord blood collection bag that has been approved by the FDA for all births. Manufactured by Pall Corporation, Americord’s cord blood collection bag is ready to go for a Cesarean delivery. Unlike some less expensive cord blood bags that can be adapted for C-section births, your doctor does not have to attach or sterilize any parts.
  • All the equipment necessary to collect cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue. No matter whether you enroll just for cord blood banking, or for cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking, Americord includes the equipment for collection from all three sources. This covers you in case you change your mind – even at the very last minute – about which services you want.
  • Easy to follow collection instructions for your medical practitioner. We also send a copy of the medical consent form to your healthcare provider so if there are any questions in advance they can call or email us.
  • A box that will be used to ship your collection to our lab with the phone number for calling the medical courier.

Americord’s 3-in-1 Collection Kit, which is sent to you as soon as you enroll, makes stem cell preservation easier than ever. If you enroll for cord blood banking but decide later to add cord tissue banking and placenta tissue banking, you still use the same kit. Americord only charges your credit card after your baby is born, and we only charge you for the services you actually used. And, if you decide – even at the last minute – to cancel everything, Americord does not charge a cancellation fee.

If you have any questions, or are ready to enroll, call us today at 866-503-6005.

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