Aug 5 2016

The winner of #Bankonbaby has been announced.

Posted by Alysha

Meet Laura Adams, the winner of #Bankonbaby, our National Cord Blood Awareness campaign.

cord blood awareness campaign winner

Laura has been a dedicated Cord Blood Ambassador since the beginning of July.  She shared facts about cord blood on all her social media accounts. The prize for all her hard work, a $500 Amazon gift card.

She was just one of the Cord Blood Ambassadors that helped reach over 316,000 social media users. They helped educate them on the potentially life saving benefits of cord blood and cord blood banking.  Cord blood knowledge is significant. Nearly 74% of expectant parents are aware of cord blood banking, but minimally informed.

An expecting mother, Laura said “I think it’s important for expectant mothers to learn about cord blood banking so they can know their options when it comes to the future of their child’s health.”

Our #Bankonbaby campaign released daily content aimed to educate the public on stem cells, cord blood banking processes, and clinical trials. We wanted to ‘start a conversation’ and we did.

When asked what  the most compelling thing she learned from #Bankonbaby was,  Adams said “It was amazing to find out that cord blood can treat immune-deficiency disorders, blood diseases and even certain types of cancers. Parents should know that they can bank on their babies future by learning what they can about cord blood and cord tissue banking.”

Community engagement has proven to be the most valuable tool to get the word about cord blood out. We are excited to partake in future social awareness campaigns with similar objectives. If you are interested in learning more about cord blood banking, please visit the Americord website.

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