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As a leader in the advancement of umbilical cord blood and tissue, placental tissue, and exosome banking, Americord® partners with you to collect, process, and preserve your child’s stem cells for future medical or therapeutic use. We’re here to secure the lifelong health of you and your family.

What Is Cord Blood Banking?

Cord blood is the blood remaining in your baby’s umbilical cord after he or she is born. This blood is rich with nutrients and stem cells, a type of cell that can regenerate and replace damaged cells with newer, healthier ones. Cord blood banking — also known as stem cell banking — refers to how we cryogenically preserve these cells for future medical or therapeutic use.

What Is Cord Tissue Banking?

Cord tissue is the tissue surrounding the umbilical cord’s vessels. A physician or loved one will clamp and cut this tissue at birth. Like cord blood, cord tissue is rich in nutrients and stem cells. You can cryogenically preserve a portion of your baby’s cord tissue for future medical or therapeutic use.

What Is Placental Tissue Banking?

Placental tissue is the tissue surrounding and protecting the veins that carry blood and oxygen to your baby in utero. Placental tissue is also a rich source of nutrients and regenerative stem cells that you can store for future medical use. At Americord, we preserve this tissue using our advanced Placental Tissue 2.0™ processing technique.

What Is Exosome Banking?

Exosomes are small extracellular vesicles that carry genetic and other information — including lipids, proteins, RNA, and DNA — between cells. Like cord blood and placental tissue, we can isolate and extract these regenerative powerhouses from your baby’s cord blood and cryopreserve them.

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How Can You Use Your Baby’s Stem Cells?

Umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, placental tissue, and exosomes each contain different types of stem cells, including Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs). These stem cells can be used to treat several blood cancers and immune disorders that could develop later in life.

As a result, storing your child’s stem cells could offer them immediate access to over 80 FDA-approved treatment opportunities and hundreds of clinical trials, including:

  • Leukemia
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Neurological disorders, including autism

Why Is Preserving Your Baby’s Stem Cells Important?

Storing your child’s stem cells will offer them the most comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment opportunities in the future. Regenerative medicine is a rapidly expanding field that creates extensive opportunities for your child to use their stored stem cells. Having access to stored stem cells can alleviate the trouble of locating a stem cell donor, securing a match, or facing incompatibility risks.

Plus, your newborn’s stem cells have the potential to provide life-saving treatment for other matching family members, including siblings, parents, and grandparents.


Americord Innovation

Americord prides itself on constantly innovating – both within the biobanking space as well as per our R&D efforts pertaining to use cases for cord blood and tissue. We’re committed to improving everything we do, from customer service to cord blood processing.

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Cord Blood

With CryoMaxx™ processing

Collect up to 2x as many cord blood stem cells as the industry average for more treatment opportunities. Read More
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Cord Tissue

With CryoMaxx™ processing

Unlock the full potential of your child’s umbilical cord and have the flexibility of using the cord tissue for surgical and therapeutic treatments. Read More
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Placental Tissue

With CryoMaxx™ processing

The new, purposeful way to process placental tissue - ensuring the potential for multiple treatment uses for your baby, sibling, parents, and even grandparents. Read More
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With CryoMaxx™ processing

Isolate and preserve your baby’s cord blood exosomes with CryoMaxx™ Processing and unlock their potential usage in clinical research and future treatments. Read More
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How It Works

Our team is dedicated to being a resource for you. We’re transparent and honest about the process from start to finish. Our medical couriers and laboratory staff always handle your stem cell collections with the utmost care.


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Baby is Born!

Your baby is born with the umbilical cord attached. From here, your physician or a loved one will clamp and cut the cord so the hospital staff can clean and care for your newborn.
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After clamping the cord, your doctor or midwife will extract cord blood and collect the cord and placental tissue into sterile containers for preservation.
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Medical Courier

Once the collection kit is ready, our medical courier picks it up and expedites delivery to our lab.
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Lab Process

We perform all necessary testing. Once completed, stem cells are prepared for storage with CryoMaxx™ Processing.
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5-Compartment Bag

We store the cord blood stem cells in specially designed 5-compartment bags and the cord and placental tissues in vials for maximum future utilization.
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In our secure lab facility, we preserve your baby's stem cells in a liquid nitrogen storage tank with temperatures of minus 196 degrees Celsius.
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“In the process of my wife going to the doctor, I came across Americord. So we banked it, not thinking that we would ever need it, but two and a half years later, we needed it.”

- Steve, Americord Client
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