A baby’s first connection is to their mother, and cord blood banking makes it last forever.

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What is

Cord Blood 2.0™?

It’s now possible to preserve up to twice the number of stem cells – exclusively available through cord blood banking with Americord®. With Cord Blood 2.0™, you now have the opportunity to treat your child into adolescence and even adulthood. Learn more >

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What is

Cord Tissue?

Cord tissue is rich in a completely different type of stem cell. With over fifty clinical trials currently in progress, researchers agree that banking cord tissue is the future of stem cell banking. Learn more >

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What is

Placenta Tissue?

Banking for Mom: Here’s your chance to bank stem cells that are a genetic match to you! Bank on your future too. Learn more >

Why Should you Bank Cord Blood?

STEM CELLS are found in cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue. These cells are highly valuable to your baby, the mother, and possibly other family members. When you save these stem cells with Americord®, you ensure that they are securely stored for you and your family’s future needs. Learn more >

Making Cord Blood Banking Affordable


Get up to twice as many stem cells compared to other
cord blood banks at a fraction of the cost.

Comparisons are for 20 years of storage. Prices as of 4/1/15.

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