A pregnant woman and her husband sit on a couch with their son.

Free 40-Week Gratitude Journal for Expecting Mothers

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"Gratitude has one of the strongest links to mental health and satisfaction with life of any personality trait—more so than even optimism, hope, or compassion."

- Dr. Amy Morin, psychotherapist and international bestselling author.

Nurture Happiness Through Your Pregnancy Journey

Discover the Proven Benefits of Gratitude Journaling Tailored to Your Unique Pregnancy Experience 

  • Boost Your Well-Being: Research shows that regular gratitude journaling can significantly increase your overall happiness and reduce stress levels. 
  • Build a Personal Keepsake: Chronicle your thoughts, emotions, and experiences during your pregnancy. 
  • Connect with Your Growing Baby: Strengthen your bond with your baby even before they arrive.
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Pregnant woman writing a journal while sitting on the bed.

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."

- Marcus Tullius, the Roman philosopher.