Americord® Innovation

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Cord Blood 2.0

Preserve up to twice the number of stem cells. With Cord Blood 2.0TM, you now have the opportunity to treat your child into adolescence and even adulthood.


Cord Tissue

Cord tissue is rich in a completely different type of stem cell. With over fifty clinical trials currently in progress, researchers agree that banking cord tissue is the future of stem cell banking.


Placental Tissue

Banking for Mom: Here’s your chance to bank stem cells that are a genetic match to you! Bank on your future too.


Americord Process

Our team is dedicated to being a resource for you. We’re transparent and honest about the process, from start to finish, and our medical couriers and laboratory staff always ensure your stem cell collections are handled with the utmost care.


Americord’s Commitment to Innovation

Americord prides itself on constantly innovating, both within the biobanking space as well as per our R&D efforts pertaining to use cases for cord blood and tissue. We’re committed to improving everything we do, from customer service to cord blood processing.

Part of this commitment is a dedication to the future of stem cell medicine, which is why we have formed partnerships with other organizations and pursue research that will benefit everyone, not just our clients.