Americord Cares Gives Back

Americord is proud to offer free cord blood banking and lifetime storage to expecting families who have a child with a medically diagnosed condition that is treatable with an FDA-approved cord blood transplant. Your family's well-being is our utmost concern, driving us to continuously enhance our stem cell banking solutions to safeguard you against any health challenges that may arise.
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Giving Back to Families in Need

Through the Americord Cares program, we offer expecting families who have a family member with a medically diagnosed condition that is treatable with a FDA-approved stem cell transplant free cord blood, cord tissue, and placental tissue banking with lifetime storage.

We believe that all families should have the chance to live long, healthy lives. Our Americord Cares program is on a mission to make newborn stem cell treatments more accessible to those families who could benefit from these life-saving stem cells.

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“Americord Cares Saved My Son’s Life”

After years of trying to conceive and multiple failed fertility treatments, Eli was the miracle baby Nicole and her husband never thought they would have. When shortly after birth, Eli was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease they took the diagnosis in stride, but the road ahead would not be easy.

Seven years and dozens of ER visits later, the Cola-Achille family made the decision to bank their second child's cord blood through the Americord Cares program. In 2021, Eli had a cord blood stem cell transplant with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Today, you'd never know that Eli was ever diagnosed with Sickle Cell. Since the transplant, he has had zero hospital visits and his doctors couldn't be more happy with his progress.

"I'm so thankful for Americord and that Gus's cord blood is the reason his brother is so healthy today."
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We were so fortunate that we got to bank Gus's cord blood through the Americord Cares program. Because of this, we were able to use it to treat Eli's Sickle Cell Disease.

Nicole C.
Mother of 3, New York

The rep was incredibly communicative, knowledgeable, kind, and really customer service-oriented. He was very hands-on with the whole thing, If I needed anything, I could call to talk to him and have my questions answered.

Rachel G.
Mother of 1, Wisconsin

I never once felt like it was about money, but that they were actually taking a genuine interest in the health of my family. They seemed really professional and they made me feel very comfortable in my decision.

Charlotte S.
Mother of 2, Texas

Qualify for Americord Cares

If you believe you or a loved one may qualify for the Americord Cares program, please fill out this form. 
A member of the Americord team will reach out to discuss options and work with your family to determine eligibility.

  1. Enter the expecting family’s information to begin the process.
  2. A Stem Cell Consultant will reach out shortly to discuss the process and verify if your family qualifies.
  3. If approved, your child’s cord blood processing and storage costs are 100% covered. Approved families pay ZERO dollars.

Americord reserves the right to request additional information to assess the needs of each family. Eligibility for the Americord Cares program is not guaranteed.

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