What Americord Stands For

We use cutting-edge science to improve health outcomes, and ultimately, improve quality of life. As science continues to innovate in ways that will extend and enhance human life, we will always be at the forefront helping parents make the smartest choices to protect their families—so they can live longer, more fulfilling lives.
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Our Promise to You

The science of regenerative medicine is advancing every day and we are at the forefront. But the solutions that stem cell and perinatal tissue banking offer today are just the beginning. We are ceaselessly searching for promising new discoveries that will offer life-changing solutions to hundreds of health conditions.
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No Compromises. No Cut Corners.

We offer a best-in-class experience. Always. We never cut corners or compromise on quality. We believe in fair, transparent, and honest pricing. You can be confident that with us you are benefiting from the best processing and premier storage at the lowest rates in the industry.
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When I began researching cord blood banks, I wanted to find the one with the highest standards – even if that meant I had to pay more. What a great surprise to find out that I could get the best service and the highest quality at half the price with Americord!

Heather R.
Mother of 3, Delaware

Our experience with Americord was incredible. Every step has felt individualized and we've felt informed.

Amanda M.
Mother of 1, Texas

The pricing was competitive and the cord blood specialist was very attentive, thorough and detailed. We're highly satisfied and we got a lot more of the cells than we were expecting!

Josh P.
Father of 2, New York

Why Choose Americord

At Americord, we provide the highest-quality stem cell processing and the lowest storage rates in the industry, without cutting corners or compromising our level of service.

CryoMaxx™ Processing maximizes endless stem cell utility

5-Compartment Cord Blood Storage Bag

Industry’s highest Cord Blood Quality Guarantee: $110,000

Parent’s #1 choice for cord blood and stem cell banking

Only stem cell bank in the country to offer exosome banking for mom and baby

FDA regulated and AABB Accredited

The Power of Science

When you partner with us, you are partnering with a team that promises to be your scientific health partner for life. We are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of the industry so our families have access to the exciting discoveries occurring each year. You can bank on it.
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Our People

Above all else, we are humans. We are people that care. We also happen to be industry thought leaders at the frontier of stem cell and perinatal tissue banking who are defining barriers to make a better tomorrow for you and your family.
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Our Facilities

We are committed to leading the industry to the next frontier of science and that starts with our own New York City lab and agile scientists and researchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most commonly asked stem cell banking questions to help you make more informed health decisions for your family.

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Continuing Education

From pregnancy and parenthood to scientific advancements and clinical research, Americord is committed to staying on top of the latest trends and information to keep you informed.

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