Create. Innovate. Advance.

We are on a relentless search to discover new ways of extending and enriching people’s lives. Our pristine in-house lab, located in New Jersey, is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by highly trained professionals who follow rigorous protocols and uphold the highest quality standards. Our scientists and researchers are relentlessly working to create revolutionary products and services.
A male scientist examining a specimen through in microscope.

Forefront Of Research

Most cord blood banks have labs that strictly focus on processing and storage. At Americord, we are focused on doing more.

Our lab team is focused on developing perinatal-based products for a broader clinical usage. By broadening our focus beyond bio-banking and into the allogeneic space, we can create perinatal products that can be used by everyone. Our goal is that one day everyone can benefit from the miracle healing powers of stem cells and perinatal tissues.
A person wearing blue gloves holding an orange petri dish.

Committed to the Process

At Americord, our scientists are fully committed to the proper processing of your baby's stem cells and tissues because we are fully committed to you. 


Processing your baby’s stem cells is the most important step of the preservation process. By maintaining these steps in our own lab, we are able to fully control the process. Each collection is manually processed to ensure the highest quality and yield of stem cells. We process in a closed system, eliminating any chance of contamination to your baby's stem cells and tissues.

A female scientist examining a specimen with precision through a microscope.

Safe, Secure Storage. Guaranteed.

We guarantee the highest level of storage security, monitoring, and overall protection in the industry. With 24/7 monitoring and a specialized emergency team that is able to move stem cells at a moment’s notice, your baby’s stem cells are protected from natural catastrophes, national crises, or other potential failure points.

At Americord, we believe in fair, transparent, and honest pricing. That's why we offer superior storage at the lowest rates in the industry. And we guarantee that your price for storage will never increase.
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A female scientist holding a box container for specimen storage.

I know that Americord is taking care of my baby's cord blood. Knock on wood we haven't needed it, but if we did, I know they would be there for us every step of the way.

Jessie J.
Mother of 3, Maryland

We did a lot of research and liked everything Americord had to offer, especially the placenta tissue banking. They are the best choice for our family.

Jaclyn D.
Mother of 1, New Jersey

When I was searching for banks, I looked into several factors including processing and storage methods. Americord was the clear winner. Their credibility, history, processing techniques, options for storage length, and price made us choose them.

Dylan L.
Father of 1, New York

The People Leading the Science

Dr. Shanlong Jiang brings a fresh perspective to the biobanking industry and to Americord. Rather than focusing solely on biobanking, he's leading the team to develop new perinatal-based products that will advance the industry.

Our scientists and researchers are passionate about continually innovating in ways that will extend and improve human life. Collectively, they have the vision to see the next frontier that the industry can grow into.

Meet the team members who are invested in the health of your family.
Meet the Team
Dr. Shanlong conducting an experiment in the laboratory.