Cord Blood 2.0TM

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Cord Blood 2.0

Cord Blood 2.0TM is an entirely proprietary system developed by Americord. While other cord blood collection options exist, Americord’s Cord Blood 2.0TM can gather up to twice as many stem cells as competitor collection methods.

Cord Blood 2.0TM has been widely recognized throughout our industry for yielding above average collections:

“Compared to traditional cord blood stem cell collections systems, the Cord Blood 2.0TM can obtain substantially greater quantities of stem cells for preservation. The main advantage that results is that the cord blood units can be used for hematopoietic stem cell transplant in patients who are larger in size. Historically, the volume of stem cells preserved during traditional processing of a cord blood unit has only been sufficient to allow for the treatment of patients up to 60-70 pounds.”

-BioInformant Report, 2017

More Stem Cells = More Options. It’s that simple.

Collect up to twice as many stem cells as the industry standard with Cord Blood 2.0TM

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Collect up to twice as many stem cells as the industry standard with Cord Blood 2.0TM

Before this innovation, a typical cord blood collection frequently could only preserve enough stem cells to treat a person that weighed up to 65 lbs. With Cord Blood 2.0TM, we can collect enough stem cells to treat individuals up to 165 lbs, depending on the medical collection and treatment requirements.

This means that Americord helps parents protect their children into adolescence and even potentially into adulthood and expands treatment opportunities for smaller patients, who still may benefit from the greater number of stem cells available to carry out treatment.

We’re committed to making this valuable stem cell resource a more feasible treatment option for more people.


Cord Blood 2.0

$3,499 OR $165 FOR 24 MONTHS.