Cord blood 5-compartment storage bag laying on lab table.

Cord Blood Storage: Americord's 5-Compartment Storage Bag

In the rapidly evolving field of medical science, innovations are continually reshaping the way we approach health and well-being. Cord blood banking has been at the forefront of these advancements, providing families with a unique opportunity to secure the future health of their loved ones. 

Americord is deeply committed to innovation in the field. We offer industry-leading cord blood processing, and we take pride in delivering the best practices for freezing as well. Americord was the first to introduce the five-compartment storage bag to the industry. This groundbreaking approach redefined cord blood storage standards and continues ensuring comprehensive preservation of vital components from your baby's cord blood.

Understanding the 5-Compartment Storage Bag?

Americord's 5-Compartment Storage Bag is designed to distribute cord blood stem cells evenly across five compartments. This storage method not only ensures flexibility in the precise number of stem cells used for specific treatments, but also provides families with greater options for multiple treatments.

The Advantages of More Components:

The immediate benefit of a five-compartment bag lies in its potential for multiple treatments. The amount of stem cells required for a particular treatment is correlated with the recipient's size. Americord's proprietary CryoMaxx™ processing method allows for the storage of more stem cells, compared to the industry average, potentially enabling treatment from childhood through adulthood.

In the event your child needs treatment with their stem cells, they may not require the entirety of the stored cells. The five-compartment storage bag reserves additional stem cells for future treatments, offering valuable peace of mind.

Diverse Approaches to Storage:

Surprisingly, different cord blood banks utilize distinct methods of storing cord blood stem cells. After separating stem cells from other blood components, they are placed in a bag designed for freezing. While most banks employ a two-compartment bag, with one compartment holding the majority of stem cells and a smaller one reserved for testing or future use, Americord's bag comprises five equally-sized compartments, significantly enhancing usage flexibility.

The Potential of Tomorrow:

The potential future benefits are substantial. Ongoing clinical trials focused on expanding cord blood stem cells in a laboratory setting open new horizons. These trials aim to grow more stem cells from the initial collection, offering even greater opportunities.

It's important to note that stem cells can only be safely frozen and thawed for use once. The unique storage configuration of Americord's five-compartment bag could allow for the removal of a smaller amount of stem cells, thawing, and subsequent expansion for treatment. This capability has the potential to facilitate more treatments, especially when compared to traditional storage bags.

Americord's unwavering commitment lies in helping people lead longer, healthier lives. This means consistently seeking out the best practices to maximize our clients' investment in their newborns' futures.

Americord's 5-Compartment Storage Bag represents a significant advancement in the field of cord blood storage. It not only reflects our dedication to innovation, but also ensures that your family is well-prepared for the dynamic landscape of medical science and potential medical breakthroughs.

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